To meat or not to meat?…that is the question.


This has been my feeling for some time now and lately it’s been worse. Whenever I dig into a piece of meat I envision the poor animal that died so that I can eat…at times I even hear their cries.

From ever since at Christmas time I couldn’t eat the curried goat if he was alive the yard and was killed in earshot….His bleating cries sounded like he was begging for his life and I have tried to release said goat before ( my husband has warned “if you try that sh*t, I will divorce you and my family will kill you ” lol)  and even if I am seasoning meat it has to be ICE cold….that way it doesn’t feel like flesh.

But that’s what it is…flesh, a carcass…something that is…well…dead and more and more I chew and swallow it because that is what society says I’m to do. I have been known however  to defy society and how I’ve been socialised ( my hair has been a prime example) so for lent, ie starting tomorrow, I will drop meat from my diet…well most meat lol…I’m gonna keep fish for a while.



I know this question is gonna come worse with my weight training  but hey,…There is plant based protein, plus I’ll make my smoothies.  I’ve tried this route before and IT DID NOT WORK! I felt so weak and my iron level plummeted….BUT…I did the research and this time I’m prepared.

What drove me over the edge….The straw that broke the camel’s back? Watching Entertainment  Report and seeing that people are now eating EVERYTHING from the pig…intestines. ..ears…everything…even using the blood to make cakes, wedding cakes *insert retching here*


Looks scrumptious  huh? Well I can tell you if the fruit cake not coming from mommy’s house…I don’t want it.  Thanks ER…you’ve driven me DEEP into the vegetable  garden….I don’t even want pastries again.  The lady literally said “the only thing we don’t eat is the grunt” YUCK! A pig is such a gross animal anyway (no offense to my pork lovers…but have the entrails and the BLOOD! To me that’s borderline barbaric.


I’m not asking the world to agree with me, but just be respectful….stop scrunching up your face looking in my plate, shaker cup or whatever I’m having and exclaim “Lawd…A wha dat you a eat!?” Or “dat can full your belly? *kissteeth*” because I don’t look in your plate and say “Lawd! You a johncrow?” Or “you nuh fraid you buss?” Or “you can nyam eeh? Ow you so craven…no wonder you belly bang so…”

I respect your choices…so respect mine. Jamaican people just chat too much and feel they have to comment on everything that don’t concern them.

So till we link  again walk good . .. and eat even better!



Detox…now what?


Day 1-LiveJuice Bar

So Christmas came and went….and with it came lots of fruit cake. So the pounds they came….but they decided not to leave.  Caving to my cravings caused major indiscretions and the after effect was constant snacking (on junk) and craving sugar as if I had never ate healthy on my life! Let me tell you…I was becoming like a hoover time and place meant NOTHING to me.

So there I was minding my own business at the gym on a bright Saundby morning early January  and in comes my trainer with a grin on his face and scale and tape measure in hand.  I insisted that  I would mount no scale until January 11 ( by George I was gonna try and get rid of this darned cake first) but he was like “come on man! Let’s  see the damage…It can’t be that bad…” *insert sweet smile and charm here*  Well I stepped on the scale and it was that bad! 210.6lbs my mind screamed at me “MY GOD WOMAN! HOW DID YOU LET THAT HAPPEN!”

Working out that day sucked! I despised every crumb of cake, every lick of ice cream, every ounce of alcohol  I’d had over the holidays! I went home fuming! (And feeling fat). Slowly  as I calmed down I became introspective, I had no one to blame but myself! Greed had got the better of me and as my tummy stained against the waist of my tights I decided that some thin had to me done! I had to regain control of MY body! I had to remember that it was a temple and treat as such! I had to hit the reset button I had to try a detox!

I had never done this before…you’ll die of hunger my mind screamed! How will you make it FIVE WHOLE  DAYS OF JUICES ONLY! Surely you will die! But you know me I love a challenge so I took the plunge .


So Live Juice Bar was having a special and I signed up…my juices were delivered bright and early Monday morning at my office. Two green (moringa magic) and one pink (watermelon carambola..I think). Oh the green ones looked daunting and I nervously pulled the bottle…but oh what a wonderful fruity aroma assailed my nostrils! Could it be..that the green smoothie tasted good….I took a sip and my taste buds jolted to life…This drink was simply delightful! I gulped it down gleefully (plus I was hungry lol) and I even found a leaf in it…fibre lol. I felt surprisingly full after having it and dove right back into work…had my drink for lunch


And by George had the last green smoothie “dinner” before I left work because I was hungry..,.I made sure to keep tabs on the water I was drinking and of course I’d had more than a gallon already.

Home was a challenge but every time i felt like just throwing in  the towel…I remembered the cost of the detox program  and thought HELL NO! Night 1 was the pits…I swore I was gonna die of hunger lol.

DAY 2 wasn’t much better, by then ALL FOOD SMELT GOOD. I got to the office and someone was drinking some hot chocolate  and I literally felt like jumping  on them and taking it away and just devouring it!

By day 3 though, I was managing ok. Still getting my workout on, though not as heavy and often as planned but at least I wasn’t  starving…but oh my skin was breaking out and it was GROSS!
Concealer was the order of the day…but hey I was full of energy and I’d never felt more alive! Matters not that I had to pee hourly lol

By day 5 the breakouts cleared…my skin literally shed and I was feeling wonderful! Not to mention my sex drive…let’s just say my husband wants me to live in detox mode lol


I’d done it…and I was proud of myself! I decided to continue on my own into the weekend and fast on Sunday…that way I would really reset  my body.

So on Saturday I went to the gym…In comes the trainer with the scale…but this time I’m the one grinning! I step on and guess what 198.6lbs! I’d lost 12lbs and 1.5″ off my waist! I was elated!

So now I’m back on target…cravings are totally gone and I haven’t had anything I shouldn’t for 2 weeks! I am proud of myself and where I am on my journey. I really don’t want to mess up because my body feels as clean as a whistle and I don’t want to dirty it up lol.


This detox experience was my first…I won’t say it was easy…but it was much easier than I thought it would have been. I will be back Live Juice Bar (check her out on Facebook…her juices taste awesome).

So where do I go from here….what now….

I will eat clean…and I will be at 185lbs by my birthday…and I SHALL HAVE DEFINED ABS!  Narada Wellington (my trainer…he’s super awesome too. I can give you his #…If he could help me…He can help you!) 

So that’s 67lbs down…13 to go…and I know I can do. All it takes is dedication and consistency! So watch out world…I hope you’re ready, because this year…I’m gonna smash some goals!


So What If I become a RAW-rior

So recently I’ve changed a lot of things in my life, with one major change being the way I eat. For those who follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook (@roseydadiva)  you see a lot of my meals posted there. Let me tell ya, if two years ago someone told me that I would contemplate being a vegetarian I would have laughed them to scorn. 

I see where I actually prefer the no-meat life now and looking at raw chicken actually makes me sick to my stomach (weird huh). I still eat fish…especially sardines (nomnom) so what does that make me…pescetarian?

I’ve actually gone about a month now without imbibing on a carcass…yes that’s what it is…a carcass, something that has died.. and I’ve never felt more alive! I pass KFC and smell it and feel as if I want to vomit, and as I stand at the gate of Healthy bites or walk through Ben’s door at Aisoor Firelight and smell the spices being used to prepare the live food, I instantly start salivating. The thought of the taste that I will soon experience has me in an almost trance like state.

$650 "live" salad from Healthy Bites

$650 “live” salad from Healthy Bites

I finally got my fix from Healthy Bites this week and OH…MY…GOD it was soooo AWESOME.  I tried to slow down the eating so that I wouldn’t look like a cavewoman but jeez…whew…ooohhhh.*clears throat and composes self* There is something they put on the salads…tastes like a mix of Olive Oil and vinegar *and ya’ll know I LOVE ME SOME VINEGAR* that had me hunting and snowpeas the night.

$500 mushroom burger from Aisoor Firelight

$500 mushroom burger from Aisoor Firelight

Then by the next day I got my mushroom burger from Aisoor Firelight and maaannnnnn, Ben hit it out of the park…it was delicious and today actually, I got a live slald from Firelight…I just coulnd’t wait! i ate it in the car while waiting to see a client and when i was through…I LICKED OUT THE CONTAINER to make sure I got ALL the grains of quinoa! *shame*

So you see, what I eat is not “nasty” or “gross” or “yucky” I just try to do things as close to natural as I possibly can. Can you imagine if Adam and Eve had been omnivores? lol

To each his own, but since I’ve chosen my own I’ve noticed a few things:

Increased energy, weight-loss, awesome skin, regular #2 (like everyday), less sinus infections, NO MORE joint pains, NO MORE heartburn and/or stomach pains, increased sex drive, increased flexibility, increased confidence…and I could go on and on.

All in all I really prefer “live” food and I am actually checking out what the initial investment would be to go “all the way” because buying food everyday is NOT cheap *sigh*. So that would be the equipment and some food prep classes, then I’ll just wing it on you tube and experiment with flavour ^_^. I know in my heart though that I may never be a full time rawrior, because sometimes I really want to have a hot steaming plate of something to eat…

So as my journey continues, I guess you’ll share in my triumphs and struggles while I join the rawvolution.

So I hit the first goal…now what?

Celebratory Birthday 5K run!

Celebratory Birthday 5K run!

Long time no post, but at least I come with good news 🙂  Well as you may already know I stuck with the program, getting even more strict on myself in the diet (oh how I hate that word) …lets say “eating” (because I don’t diet) area.  So I had set a goal of weighing less than 200lbs for my birthday so you know it was straight beast mode for the month of June. Meals consisted of LOTS of veggies but I also realized that I have lost my love for meat, preferring instead a diet (there goes that word again) of “live” food (for those who don’t know it’s raw vegan)..but man is it expensive O_O.

So on my birthday (July 3) I weighed in and here are the results:

Weight – 199lbs (BAMwhat!), Body Fat – 28.9%, BMI – 28.6% (Yeah baby!), Waist – 33″, Hips 46.75″

Now for a 37 year old mother of two…that ain’t all that bad 🙂 I can’t even REMEMBER the last time I weighed less than 200lbs…so VICTORY DANCE!…Plus I get to show off my abs ^_^

BAM what!

BAM what!

I must confess though it wasn’t easy, there were days I cussed my trainer and came up with a million excuses (in my head) why I didn’t need to go to the gym. There were days I forgot to eat (naughty girl) or I would chew up some forbidden food and spit it out just to get the taste (yeah I know I sound like a junkie), plus there was stress at home and at work (oy vey!)

However if you know me, you know that I am strong willed..some call it stubborn but I beg to differ lol (Ok so now you know why my 3 year old is soooo stubborn!) and I just had to meet that target…HAD TO! Nothing gets me going like a challenge…so if I had to eat grass and work out like a fiend constantly, I’m gonna do it!

So I hit that goal…now what? Remember I said I will not stop until my BMI is at 25%? Well buckle up for the ride because here I come!

10373482_10152960973693009_4676944438947907980_n 10462490_10152976761393009_6450639921770510183_n 10505606_10153066110728009_8384888990955828633_n












I have learned to love new things and to dislike others. I DETEST the smell of chicken…well most times…especially fried chicken. I step into Aisoor Firelight, Healthy Bites or MiHungry Wholesome food (all Live food vegan) and my tummy rumbles…the flavour of the food in my mouth, OMG, orgasmic!

So I’m not into meat anymore, only thing I still like is fish.  Haven’t had meat in a month, had some chicken and beef chop suey and had diarrhea after…so  eased off the meat for now.

I also don’t drink juice anymore, use sugar (AT ALL), eat bread, buns, crackers etc.  I try and stay away from anything processed and have whole foods as much as possible, the down side is that I have to travel with my meals/snacks EVERYWHERE!

I continue my journey, most times I laugh, sometimes I cry, but in the long run I will win and fat MUST yield 🙂 Next weigh in I hope to have made it to 195lbs but i’ve learnt that the scale can be VERY mean, so I’ll stay healthy and roll with the punches.

I also plan to make more regular updates so that the posts wont be too long 🙂

Until next time #peace and #respecthtegreens


Why I NEED to write it down

woman_weightI guess i have always been considered a “big” girl…but then i was tall.  then I had two kids and got tall and FAT. yeah I said it, the dreaded “F” word…FAT.  So in August 2012 at 5′ 10″ and a whopping 248lbs I just had it! Enough was enough! I had to do something before my organs gave up on me.  Sounds good huh? Actually it didn’t really go like that, yeah I was tall and fat, but I didn’t really care….well I thought I didn’t, but then I would go to my “workout session” and chill, and on my way home I’d buy a burger or an ice cream or something super delicious for dinner, eat, then fall asleep in front of my kids.  Then came the dare… instructor said we could lose 10lbs in two weeks HA! I said i would try, I thought he was crazy when he told us about regulating our sugar intake and not eating any refined carbs…but the plan sounded manageable, so what the heck I TOOK IT :).

By the third day I felt like a drug addict going through withdrawal…I had the shakes and with my hubby being my accountability buddy ( and yeah he’s one of those naturally skinny dudes) I couldn’t catch a break! Well to cut a long story short at the end of the two weeks I had lost 8lbs and I was motivated to give this new lifestyle a try.

So now 35lbs lighter (last weigh in was Ash Wednesday) and with a waist 7.5″ smaller, i am ready to take on the world one squat at a time.  I will not stop until I have achieved my ideal BMI, rock hard bod, and silenced my critics.  Then I will continue and maintain what I have earned, because health and fitness is not a destination, but a lifetime journey.